Tucked In Tucked In
A quiet moment between preenings is all this little female redwinged blackbird asked for. She is quite content among her willow and cattails! Transparent watercolor matted.
Rays of Ra Rays of Ra
Juried in 2015 TWSA show
Koi Ahoy Koi Ahoy
Sunny Day Sunny Day
Pears Pears
Midas Touch Midas Touch
Owl Party Owl Party
Owls having a hoot of a party. These cards are sold individually as priced, or in boxed sets as specified. Quantity discounts available.
Woodland Thrush Woodland Thrush
Hark! What's that angelic sound in the woods? Just a sweet thrush closing the day with song. How lucky to indulge in the concert!
Hummers Hummers
What is busier than a bee? The constant buzz of a hummer! What an honor to have your yard chosen for a nesting site!